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AsterDocs is a tailor-made solution for several industries. If your business thrives in any of the following arena, let AsterDocs take over your Supplier Qualification Process.

Nutraceutical & Dietary

The rising concern about health and wellness has pushed dietary supplements into the everyday life of people. The industry is a highly relevant segment of today’s time because of the growing interest of people in natural health-enhancing supplements. Hence, sourcing is vital to take the consumer experience several notches up. AsterDocs’ Supplier Qualification System can revolutionize your procurement for the best business results.

Beauty & Wellness

You are always walking on the edge if you are from the beauty and wellness industry. The craze of physical beauty was always there for ages. People always look forward to beauty and wellness formulas. We understand how high-end sourcing strategies can bring an observable difference to the final products. Hence, AsterDocs is here to help you create an agile supply chain with a promising supplier qualification system!

Bridging Gaps

  • An in-built Document requirement for Each Product as per the Industry Standards
  • Enjoy transparency in three broad levels- Company, Facility and Products
  • Get away with the leg work of risk analysis with a promising Risk Management System
  • Empower your business with a valuable database to never fall short of suppliers