Asterdocs! The product in-depth

How Asterdocs heals the supplier qualification challenges?

Asterdocs! The product in-depth How Asterdocs

heals the painpoints?

What Led to the Development of Asterdocs ?

  • Manual compliance management often leads to the potential for human error.
  • Qualifying suppliers and products using spreadsheets and emails is inefficient and cumbersome.
  • Suppliers frequently exhibit delayed responses to compliance requests and redundantly fill out forms.
  • Customers lack visibility into products and supplier activities, hindering informed decisions.
  • Communication between customers and suppliers encounters excessive friction, impeding smooth operations and compliance adherence.

• Unleash the Power to Manage Your Operations Anywhere

Experience the freedom to oversee your compliance tasks from any location, at any hour. With AsterDocs, your centralized and searchable platform empowers you to grasp your daily operations effortlessly and access crucial information whenever and wherever you need it.

• Streamlines Effortless Sharing with a Click

Enable seamless sharing of compliance data and requirements between customers and suppliers. AsterDocs consolidates and organizes all pertinent information onto a single platform, fostering efficient communication and collaboration with just a simple click.

• Let’s You Experience Next-Gen Digitization

The global supply chain is becoming digitized rapidly and Aster docs can help you stay in tandem with this progress. It can empower you to find new opportunities, instantly establish connections within the supply chain, streamline workflows, and cutdown administration costs.

• Facilitates Real-time Chat Facility

Onboard Aster docs, the customers and suppliers get the provision for real-time messaging/commenting. This instant chat facility can add to the streamlined communication process.

• Offers Control and Confidentiality

Since all the data are stored in AWS cloud server, you gain full control over your data. This promotes your privacy and security on the platform.

• Reduces Time to Market

With all the documents kept organized at one place, Aster docs can help you search and get your documents approved faster. It can also minimize your risk of rejection. All this can, in turn, accelerate your time to market.

How It Works

Simplify Compliance Procedures
Our system allows you to consolidate regulations, standards, and policies in one place, making it easier to oversee and manage your compliance obligations.
Real-Time Compliance Monitoring
Asterdocs provides a real-time dashboard that highlights your compliance levels, upcoming deadlines, and flags areas needing immediate attention, ensuring you never miss a beat.
Enhanced Communication Channels
We offer in-platform messaging and notification systems that enable seamless collaboration and information-sharing among your compliance officers and stakeholders.
Streamlined Audit Trails
Our system automatically logs all compliance activities, providing clear and organized audit trails that facilitate both internal and external audits.
Intelligent Risk Assessment
Our System helps you prioritize risks based on their potential impact, enabling you to allocate resources effectively and mitigate risks before they escalate.
Customizable Compliance Frameworks

Asterdocs provides flexible control settings to create a compliance structure that fits your organization’s size, sector, and risk profile.