• Networking Suppliers & Customers
  • Networking Suppliers & Customers
in an Agile Way

A promising solution for supplier qualification & seamless documentation

The Primary Challenge of sourcing managers is

tracing the - When! Whom! and Why!

Did you know?

Businesses lose billion dollar deals due to the lack of
  • document traceability!
  • document traceability!
Bid adieu to fragmented data and divergent processes
  • with AsterDocs.
  • with AsterDocs.
Why Be an
AsterSmart Business?


Connect with your existing vendors

Request your Non-Aster vendors to join the platform and send connection requests for an agile document-sharing process.

Find new suppliers as per your requirements

AsterDocs has successfully associated with 75% of the industry’s suppliers across the globe. Look for new suppliers and connect with them right away.

Enjoy transparency in three broad levels

Make the most out of the connection process in three broad levels- Company, facility, and product. Filter your list of suppliers and hatch exceptional business deals

Get away with the legwork of supplier analysis

Supplier analysis is made easier than ever. AsterDocs verifies the validity of the documents, making it easier for the customer to analyze business association with suppliers.

Enjoy the automated in-built document requirements

AsterDocs is a tailor-made solution for nutraceutical and dietary industry. You get an in-built document requirement feature to ensure proper supplier compliance management.

Be an AsterSmart Buyer and settle for the best

AsterDocs is a tailor-made solution for nutraceutical and dietary industry. You get an in-built document requirement feature to ensure proper supplier compliance management.

Empower your business with an in-built database

AsterDocs is made doubly powerful, with a huge database of Nexus related to products, companies, people, and ingredients.


A Smart centralized Data Storage

As a supplier, it becomes tedious to upload the same documents multiple time. However, AsterDocs omits the hassle with its smart centralized data storage so that you pre-upload documents beforehand.

Showcase Transparency in all levels

The platform you to showcase your transparency in three levels- Company, facility, and products. It wins the trust of the buyer.

In-built document availability

AsterDocs is a dedicated solution for the nutraceutical and dietary businesses. Hence, it has all the in-built documents name specific to the industry. You just need to pre-upload the documents.

Data Availability to keep you going

Aspiring for bigger and better is always fair. We have an in-built database related to products, companies, people, and ingredients. A premium Nexus subscription can expand your opportunities so that you never fall short of business!

Buyer Availability

Buyers are readily available in AsterDocs. Buyers send you connection requests on three broad levels – company, facility, and products and then take the association forward.

Activity log management

Since a part can have multiple users, the admin user can access all the activities log to trace the business operating efficiently. Keeping an eye on the internal function becomes way easier with it.

Lifetime Traceability

AsterDocs helps you keep track of the- What, Why, and Where! It helps you track your supplier analysis process for a lifetime. Dig out any past shared documents whenever there is a need.

“The New Age Supplier Management is all about traceability and transparency. Moreover, a smart collaboration never runs out of business!”




AsterDocs is a Business Masterpiece To Keep Your Firm Afloat in the Food, Nutraceutical & Wellness Industry!

  • Automates Document Requirements at each level
  • Establishes connection in three broad levels
  • Increases transparency and oils the document exchange process
  • In-built questionnaire for risk awareness and management
  • Bridges gaps that affect business associations

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