Is supplier risk keeping you up at night?

Our validation process ensures you're partnered with reliable vendors, guaranteeing a smooth and profitable supply chain.
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Is supplier risk keeping you up

at night?
Our validation process ensures you're partnered with reliable vendors, guaranteeing a smooth and profitable supply chain.

Hidden compliance gaps costing you

time and money?
Enhance Your Operational Excellence with AsterDocs – The Smart Choice for Supplier Management in the Nutraceutical Industry, Dietary, beauty & wellness industry
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What if regulatory compliance could be effortless ? ? ?

Our software makes it a reality.

Qualify Suppliers with Unmatched Ease: AsterDocs Delivers Swift, Secure, and Dependable Processes.” Where Trust and Agility Converge for Superior Supplier Qualification.

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Accelerate Vendor Approvals & Eliminate Supplier Compliance Risks!

Our vendor qualification software streamlines the vendor qualification process & saves you over 5000 labour hours, annually, by reducing human errors and vendor/supplier compliance risks.

Audit Nightmares?
AsterDocs is Your Wake-Up Call.

Experience seamless audit management and effortlessly navigate through compliance requirements with AsterDocs by your side.

Simplify Supplier Selection with Our
Cutting-Edge Supplier Analysis System

Our supplier quality assurance software rationalizes the supplier qualification process
by introducing a cloud-based Supplier Analysis System.

User-friendly Dashboard
Get a quick overview of your business deals with easy-to-understand user interface.
Ensuring Smart Decisions
Enhance your decision-making with custom document preferences and nutraceutical supplier risk management.
Centralized Version Control
Our supplier data management system offers centralized version control to keep you up-to-date with all documents.


Improve Supplier Document Quality &
Minimize Vendor Risks

  • AsterDocs
  • VS
  • Other SaaS Products
  • Unlimited Document Usage
  • Restrictions apply on document creation and management.
  • No Additional Charges for Location
  • Extra costs based on geographical location.
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Restrictions on the number of user accounts for collaboration.
  • No Contract
  • Tied down by lengthy contracts with limited flexibility.
  • No Obligation
  • Strings attached, making it challenging to explore other options.
  • No Set-Up Fee
  • Additional cost incurred for setting up the service.
  • No Additional Charges for Training
  • Additional fees may apply for training, adding to implementation costs.

Compliance Assured

Our built-in compliance features ensure your supplier documentation meets industry standards, maintaining a compliant supplier network.


Risk Mitigation

AsterDocs features industry-standard questionnaires with vendor scoring, aiding buyers in risk analysis and vendor selection.


Operational Efficiency

Our supplier qualification system streamlines supplier document management, reducing manual labour hours by over 84%.


Struggling for Compliance, Transparency, and Efficiency

During Supplier Qualification?

Discover efficiency with a Supplier Qualification Workflow – this innovative system ensures that your business operates efficiently and effectively by taking care of the following:

Hear What Our Customers are Saying!

“Since using AsterDocs, our supplier risk has plummeted. We can now score and qualify our suppliers with ease. I would also like to highlight that Aster’s version control feature is absolutely flawless!”

Peter Miranda
Director - Green Jeeva

“I must say that AsterDocs is a game-changer when it comes to supplier qualification software. The platform’s simplicity and clarity have been truly remarkable.”

Vikram Kote
Business Owner at Sugati Ingredients LLP
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“I’ve been blown away by AsterDocs’ user-friendly and uncomplicated design. Navigating through the platform has been an absolute breeze, and I’ve been able to easily track everything I need to. “

Manan Chokshi
Co-founder at Organic Yug